Gay & Lesbian Services

Be Proud in Durham

If being happy is being you... and being gay is who you are... then... what is wrong with being gay??!!!... nothing!!!!!!!

Everybody is who and what they are meant to be!

Everyone is their own greatest person

And there is no wrong way to be you!

Some people may try to make you

Something or

Someone you know you are not

Just be you and people will begin to except

That you are unique, special and the best you, there will ever be!

Because there is only one you

You can love, who you want to love

Hold as a hero, whom ever fits you right

Talk to whom ever you feel comfortable around!

Believe in whatever works to support you

Hold yourself highly and want only the best for yourself

Dance! Just 'cuz you can!

Laugh 'cuz you can (it will make you feel good too!)

But most importantly believe in your self!

Who Supports You?

This could be a hard time and if you find you are looking for a little support or even just someone to talk to, rest assured you are not alone. Most counselling services offer supportive counselling to gay and lesbian youth.

If you are wondering where an agency stands on the rights of gay and lesbians you can make an anonymous call to find out. Just call and ask! Your school guidance counsellor may also offer support.

If you are struggling and need someone to talk to, look at some of the agencies below and check out our counselling page.

Gay & Lesbian Services - More Information

Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line  
The Pink Pages  
The 519 Church Street Community Centre  
WAYV Welcoming All Youth into the Village


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