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The Need To Support At-risk and Homeless Youth in Durham Region Is Great

"Through a variety of circumstances, there are at-risk and homeless youth in Durham Region that Durham Youth Housing and Support Services is going to help and support in their growth to healthy, happy, independent adults."

No one chooses to be homeless. The reasons why people become homeless are complex and are often caused by circumstances beyond their control. The basic cause is poverty, resulting from a family crisis, a loss of employment or income, and possibly a lack of access to basic medical and in some cases, mental health services.

Becoming homeless can happen to anyone. It could be a youth or woman and her children escaping an abusive relationship forcing them to leave their home. It could be a senior citizen on a fixed income facing a rent or tax increase. It could be a refugee or an immigrant without adequate resources or family support. The spiral from stability to distress, despair and homelessness can happen very quickly.
  • Some of the stark realities of being homeless are:
  • The continuous search for shelter
  • Inadequate food, nutrition and clothing
  • Victimization, sexual harassment and physical assault
  • Mental health and/or substance abuse problems
  • Inadequate medical and social services
  • Negative or low self-esteem
  • Social isolation
  • Poor to no prospects for employment
  • No access to affordable, accessible and appropriate permanent housing

"The vision of Durham Youth Housing and Support Services is for all youth to have a place to call home where they feel welcomed, accepted and valued and where youth are equal partners in creating a better community this is a job everybody can help make a reality."


Did you know that in Durham Region in 2006 three shelters for homeless adult men and women provided a total of 6,163 bed nights to 305 young men and women aged 16 to 24?

Durham Youth Housing and Support Services aims to provide housing and support services designed to meet the specific needs of youth.

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